Seasonal Kaftans

Maharani Seasonal Kaftans are a tribute to the Empires of India, from the Mauryan Empire in 250B.C. until today, an appreciation of the history and skill behind its art and craft with a modern take. Inspired by the Indian Queens, the Maharanis, and the grandeur of the Taj Mahal, we envisioned exquisite Kaftans – elegant, regal, and worthy of the Cabochon woman.

The exceptional pieces in this Collection are created from pure handloom silk, taking six weeks to create by only a skilled handloom weaver, and adorned with delicate embroidery, both carefully and personally chosen over numerous trips to India and put together by hand.

Taking forward the Cabochon legacy of creating looks that unmistakably draw splendor, the Cabochon Ramadan Kaftans create a harmony between the modern and the traditional. They are more casual and easily recognizable by their youthful simplicity, accompanied with rich and varied embroidery, the signature of Cabochon creations.

Synonymous to class and style, Cabochon speaks of substance and quality, projecting polished elegance that is fashion-forward while remaining true to its simplistic and timeless nature.