Delicate, but fierce. Subtle, yet powerful.

Cabochon is an Emirati Couture luxury brand atelier based in the UAE’s capital,  Abu Dhabi. Cabochon pieces are unmistakably elegant, handcrafted from the finest quality fabrics and adorned with exceptional embroidery embellishments and precious stones sourced from around the world.

Each collection tells a unique story, and  each piece is cut and decorated exclusively, to truly create one of a kind looks. The designer relates to her pieces as gems, choosing the perfect cut by studying the fabrics and their properties to details, the same as when gems are selected to be cut as cabochons.

Essence in the details.

The pretty little details that people pay less attention to are often what makes all the difference. Synonymous to class and style, Cabochon speaks of substance and quality, projecting polished elegance that is fashion-forward while remaining true to its simplistic and timeless nature.

Cabochon women are to be admired. They exude glamour and charm. Cabochon creations have the power to captivate, lure, and mesmerize in an understated way, showcasing femininity in its finest, most sophisticated form. The woman wearing Cabochon will be remembered long after she leaves.

The philosophy behind Cabochon is bringing modern-day edge combined with the classic elegance. Cabochon creations allow women to reconnect with their femininity by highlighting the simple, yet unconventional, ways of cutting with the mesmerizing finishing embellishments

The Cabochon experience

The Cabochon atelier grants the luxury of made to  measure, customized fashion and lifestyle creations. The customized, handcrafted designs are made from the finest fabrics, delicate lace, and the most intricate embroidery.

Cabochon experience exists in all the elements that come together into one flawless exceptional couture piece: the rustle of the fabric, the way the embroidery catches the light, and the beauty of it all…