Delicate, but fierce. Subtle, yet powerful.

Cabochon is an Emirati Couture luxury brand atelier based in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Cabochon pieces are unmistakably elegant, handcrafted from the finest quality fabrics and adorned with exceptional embroidery embellishments and precious stones sourced from around the world.

Each collection tells a unique story, and each piece is cut and decorated exclusively, to truly create one of a kind looks. The designer relates to her pieces as gems, choosing the perfect cut by studying the fabrics and their properties to detail, the same as when gems are selected to be cut as cabochons.

The Cabochon Experience

The philosophy behind Cabochon is bringing modern-day edge combined with classic elegance. Cabochon creations allow women to reconnect with their femininity by highlighting the simple, yet unconventional, ways of cutting with the mesmerizing finishing embellishments.

The Cabochon atelier grants the luxury of made to measure, customized fashion and lifestyle creations. Customized, handcrafted designs are made from the finest fabrics, delicate lace, and the most intricate embroidery. Cabochon experience exists in all the elements that come together into one flawless exceptional piece: the rustle of the fabric, the way the embroidery catches the light, and the beauty of it all…

Meet the Designer

Fidda AlMarzouqi, the founder and the creative director of Cabochon, has always taken pride in putting artistic touches to everything she does. She is now bringing a breath of fresh air into the world of fashion. Her personality combined with her individuality, romantic delicacy, and soft demureness, unapologetically shine through her edgy pieces.

Projecting sophistication and savoir faire, Fidda grew up with a very keen eye for detail. Fascinated by the architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the rich history of the Andalusia, the splendor of the ancient Greek and the great Ottoman Empire, she greatly appreciates the progressive palette that each detail possesses.

Step into Fidda’s world to be amazed and beguiled. Fidda wants you to fall in love, not only with Cabochon, but also with how Cabochon makes you feel!